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Election Campaign Solution

Social Media Management

1- Profile Creation on the Digital Media Domains –

◘ We assist you to take advantage of the powerful effect of digital media on political battles, and for that, the primary thing we serve to you is the establishment and engagement of the new profile. The creation is basic, and this is the most indispensable part of digital media battling.

2- Day-to-day News and Events Update –

◘ Our stage ensures to refresh the profile as well as the different occasions and posts every day. By this, you can avail the help of digital media on elections perspective. Keeping the voters updated ensures transparency in the campaign procedure, and this is a great feature of the social media campaigns.

3- Better Engagement -

◘ With the Digital Media Company, you can better reach the voters and the people around them. With the engagement of the potential voters in the campaigning process, you can better avail the benefits of having a better chance of winning the elections

4- Door to Door Campaign -

◘ Establishing a leader’s true image, what he believes in, and his vision for the development of the constituency and constituents.

◘ Bills, letters and appeal should reach all households across the constituency.

◘ A list of Work done by your party govt and you should be dropped in every household as a booklet to keep them informed.

◘ Phone/Mobile no, Correspondence Address and Email of the Head of the Family would be noted down to start communication in all possible forms from all.

5- Call Center

◘ A call centre with a team of 5 people is set up, who can talk to the voters during hot days in their native language giving a personal touch & motivate them to vote in favour of the client.

6- Voice Call / IVR -

◘ Candidates’ voice message would be recorded & then aired to the voters by means of calls so that the candidates’ message/appeal would reach the voters directly.

7- Bulk SMS Dissemination -

◘ Through the bulk SMS services, we avail the best reach and impact. There are a number of things that we keep into consideration while disseminating the SMSs and they are things like the time of the SMS dispersal, the people to be sent, the proper personalization of the messages and more.

7- Whatsapp Message Campaign -

◘ The Whatsapp is the most common and widely used messaging application today. We also serve to deliver bulk Whatsapp campaign messages as well.

9 - Nukkad Natak -

◘ We will depict the political goals and vision of the client by means of NukkadNataks or Street Plays. We will also make use of other means like music and poetry to supplement the print media, posters, banners and even rallies in the dissemination of political messages. The novel and innovative blueprint of the NukkadNataks will be put forward with consulting the client’s requirements.